Loved ones should be LOVED

Loved ones should be LOVED

I witnessed domestic violence in process last night to the point of me calling the police.

When I heard “I’ll count to five, you call police and I will kill you” I called 911.

This was after 11 pm on a Sunday night – when ideally people should be resting – getting ready for the week ahead.  Instead there was violence erupting which appeared to be between a mother and her adult son, in his 20s or 30s.

The level of shouting was alarming – as was the violent slamming of doors.  I heard this noise from down the street, behind my closed windows and doors, above the sound of my own TV.

I didn’t get to sleep until after 3:30 am – as a result of the anxiety and adrenaline running through my body, after witnessing this violence.

My life is so void of any of this type of activity. I don’t shout.  I don’t argue. I don’t create problems for others and I don’t allow others to create problems like this in my life.   My doors are closed with care – all of them.  I don’t have broken doors or broken hearts in my life.

I have healthy boundaries with my loved ones and my loved ones are truly that – LOVED.

I was blessed to have my oldest granddaughter fall asleep in my arms 3 times in a single day.  There is nothing better than to have a child sink to sleep in your arms – feeling safe, secure and loved…I know how blessed I am and I know others can live a blessed life too – if they choose that direction for themselves.

If I wanted chaos in my life, I could easily have that.  I do not.
If I wanted violence in my life, I am sure it would find me.  I do not.
If I wanted drama in my life, it would appear.  I do not.

I want love and kindness and treasured relationships.  I have that.
I want laughter, side splitting, catch your breath fun.  I have that.
I want supportive, nurturing experiences.  I have that.

I smile with compassion and care when I hear the kids in Costco say “Oh no, please hurry mom I only have shorts on” as the mom pushes the cart into the refrigerated section at Costco.  I agree with them – I cringe when I walk into that refrigerator box too and I move very quickly in and out of that ice box.  I have always thought Costco should sell coats and blankets just before you walk into this area.

I want my heart to be one of kindness, understanding, compassion and a light for those who want the same.

I want my smile, my expression, to be one of understanding and I want my hands to reach out to all those who want the same.

Recently, I have witnessed 3 extreme cases of violence and abuse between loved ones.

Between an estranged husband and wife

Between a grandparent and a very young grandchild

Between a mother and an adult son

All three incidents happened just outside my doors, in my beautiful community.

I only became aware of these issues because of the loud and unavoidable sounds that poured through my closed windows and doors.

This is so unacceptable at every level.

I have reached out in all three cases to stop this insane behavior between loved ones.

Loved ones should be LOVED.