Coach Sandy

Coach Sandy


My approach to coaching is to shine a new light on an old issue for improved living.

I invite you to embrace, address and eradicate those issues weighing you down.

Together, let’s shine a new light – a soft light,  a kind light – to work for good, in your life.

What would you like to improve?

  Relationship Troubles

 Stress Levels

 Career Challenges

 Physical/Emotional Well Being

 Financial Pressures

 Struggle with Weight/Body Issues


I’m focused on providing the people I meet with the ability to shine a light on their worries and make a brighter tomorrow.

– Sandy Stewart


Cost of not addressing issues in your life?

When we don’t address something that is ailing us – the problem generally gets bigger and bigger and becomes harder and harder to tackle.

If someone wants to lose 20 pounds and does nothing about it, the 20 pounds can easily and quickly turn into 30, 40 or 50+ unwanted pounds. A perfect illustration of a problem getting bigger, not better, when it is left untreated.

Problems with relationships, finances, careers and stress can increase the same as weight gain, when left untreated. My coaching can kindly help you to embrace, address and eradicate the issue at the root level…putting it to rest, at last.

What issues do you have today?

What problem would you like to embrace, address and eradicate?

I invite you to contact me – before the issue becomes a bigger problem in your life.


  • Words of kindness

    “Sandy was there for me when I was in shock from the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband. She was quiet when I needed quiet and allowed me to process the loss when I was ready. She allowed me to unfold my feelings at a rate that worked for me. She didn’t try to rush me to feeling better, but instead allowed me to “sit with the pain” and hold it as long as I needed. When I was ready to let it go, she helped me let it go gracefully.” 

    Pat – California

  • Words of kindness
    “Sandy helped me see my thoughts around my weight were limiting me.  I have found that after her coaching I am able to think about the tools I use to manage my weight as TOOLS like other tools I use to manage my life. I don’t have any mind chatter around that anymore. What a break through!   Thank you!”
    Teresa – California


  • Words of kindness

    “I have teenagers and had found myself running on fumes most the time or fuming over something they had done. They seem to take turns exhausting my patience and endurance. With Sandy’s help, I have been able to apply new healthy boundaries to my non-negotiables – and let much of the rest go – allowing me to enjoy my kids much more – and treasuring the time I do have with them. We have gone from troubled to treasured times… (most the time)”

    Tanya – Colorado

  • Words of kindness

    “I found myself separated, angry and alone. With Sandy’s help and several weeks of coaching I have seen a whole new light shine on my life. The anger I had was masking my fear of losing everything I loved – because I was too proud to forgive. When I allowed myself to forgive my wife – I was the one who really won. What a gift I found in Sandy’s coaching and her personalized coffee cup is a daily reminder of all the things I love in my life. I am very thankful to have found Sandy and her coaching.”

    Jake – Ohio

  • Words of kindness

    “I contacted Sandy for coaching when I was having relationship issues. I learned so much about myself during our sessions that I never planned to learn. I just wanted to fix him, but it backfired on me and I got all the blessings of the coaching. That relationship did not last, however the coaching lessons have lasted and are working for me in all aspects of my life. Such a great experience.”

    Lynn – Tennessee

  • Words of kindness

    “I have battled additions since I was 11 years old. I embraced sobriety from drugs and alcohol as a young teenager – however the food addition followed me into my 20’s and 30’s. I had continued to beat myself up with food when life didn’t go my way – which was most the time. With Sandy’s help I have been able to see how I needed to be kinder to myself – not harder on myself. I heard her say more than once, you have to put the stick down and stop beating yourself up. Finally, I have listened and life has gotten so much better – and I don’t need to turn to food to face life anymore.”

    Jennifer – California