Decide and commit

Commitment or Decision.


What is most important?  What comes first?  What is most powerful?

After reading this you might just be able to answer the Chicken and Egg question.

Decisions are the things we make with our heads.  Commitment is the passion in our hearts to follow through on the decisions we make.  Decisions and commitments do not stand alone.  They are nothing without each other.  Just like in the Jerry Maguire movie you might say they really do “complete each other”.  

If you “undecide” to do something, any previous commitment becomes a moot point.  

If you “uncommit” to something, your previous decision becomes meaningless. 

Without commitment there is no drive to move a decision forward.   All forward motion stops.  

For example…

How many people have “decided” to start a weight loss program the first day of year, first day of the month, first day of the week, the first thing in the morning – only to have the plan crumble by noon the very same day?  Most. So what went wrong?  Was the problem with the decision or the commitment.   Or are they so tightly entwined they really cannot stand on their own?  Are decisions and commitments completely dependent on each other, in order to be whole and end with a completed result?

Can a Decision or a Commitment every truly be separate – all on it’s own?

If not, then maybe nothing went wrong with the 6000 weight loss efforts you have started and stopped in the very same day.  Maybe EVERYTHING was right with the decision you made to start.   Or maybe EVERYTHING was right with your commitment. Maybe the issue was you only had 1/2 of what you truly needed all those 6000 times.  Maybe, just maybe, a weight loss program be only be successful when you DECIDE what you are going to do and COMMIT to your decision. 

I invite you to decide what you want for yourself – and commit to your decision.

Consider weight loss to be equal parts decision and commitment and so entwined that the two shall be as one…   We will call this a conscious coupling of decision and commitment.   

Once you embrace merging a decision with your commitment, a profound peace can finally be reached,  You can end the struggle and let the two elements work together to serve you more solidly and more completely.  Your base will be solidified and a euphoric calm can comfort you as you embrace the challenges ahead. Decide and Commit – it will be the best gift you ever give yourself.