Saturday morning, drinking coffee and catching up with a dear friend, out of state.  She was telling me about her birthday celebration at the casinos a few weeks ago.

She shared how she was very contently was playing a Willy Wonka Slots machine. She was enjoying the fun sounds of the machine and was totally content putting in a modest amount for each handle pull…and then proceeded to tell me how her machine hit the JACKPOT!!!

The Ultimate TOP winning prize – worth $609K – yes that’s right, $609,000 dollars!!!!

For “FULL PLAY” mode.
She was not in full play mode.
Her winnings $120 instead of $609,000.

Truly a coulda, shoulda, woulda moment.
What a way to remember a birthday for “what mighta been”.

After our call it made me think about the term FULL PLAY as it relates to life…

How many people live their lives in FULL PLAY mode?

What does FULL PLAY really mean?

Is it living life right to edge or even over the edge?

Is it saying “yes” to everything without restraint?

Is it non-stop action with no rest?

My friend had a wonderful perspective on the entire situation.  She was totally content to play in less than “full play mode” on the machine.  She was in FULL PLAY mode according to her.  She was enjoying her time, enjoying the sounds and feeling comfortable, not anxious about the money she was pouring into the machine.

I see many people say “yes” to every invite with no down time, no rest, no time to enjoy what they are really doing.   I would not call this FULL PLAY, I would call this exhausting.

Instead FULL PLAY to me is being “ALL IN”.  What ever it is you are going to do, be “all in” so that you know you can move forward, win or lose, knowing you were present, and ALL IN.

I totally connected this to weight loss and how exhausting it can be to be on the fence, falling in or out daily, hourly.

Counting, measuring, tracking, only to say – “to heck with it” at the end of the day and overeat, once again, and start the same insanity the next day.

This cycle can play over and over and over – for years on end.

Stop the insanity.

Get “ALL IN” if you are going to do it and be true to yourself.  If you want to lose weight – then do it.  Stop deciding and planning and preparing and just put your head and your body, ALL IN.

Get in FULL PLAY mode with getting your life and your body where you want to be and don’t look back.

The blessing with being in FULL PLAY mode with your body is it costs less to be in FULL PLAY mode than on the fence and dipping in and out of weight loss programs.

If you want to do it – you can – you just need to be ALL IN, in FULL PLAY mode.

Are you ready to be ALL IN?

Then let’s go!

Commit to FULL PLAY now!